Honeywell Modernized Plant for World's Largest Ammonia Producer

Dec. 10, 2015
Honeywell Process Solutions today announced it has upgraded the controls and safety system at TogliattiAzot's production site in Tolyatti, Russia.

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Process Solutions (HPS) today announced it has upgraded the controls and safety system at TogliattiAzot’s production site in Tolyatti, Russia. The project was a part of a framework agreement that will see Honeywell automate all production facilities for TogliattiAzot, the world’s largest ammonia producer.

Honeywell replaced the existing pneumatic control system at Ammonia Plant No. 6 with the advanced Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) based on C300 and Safety Manager controls. Honeywell also implemented a new control and measurement system, supported by SmartLine pressure and temperature transmitters. The upgrade helped the plant to increase reliability, improve safety and boost productivity.

“Our collaboration with TogliattiAzot started in 1993, when Honeywell automated ammonia unit AM-76 and used the most, at that time, advanced automation system. It`s great to see our technologies helping the world’s largest ammonia manufacturer increase reliability and productivity of its facilities while optimizing operating costs,” said Alexander Rodionov, HPS Sales leader for Russia. “TogliattiAzot’s commitment to technological excellence will help to ensure it remains a leader in its field for decades to come.”

The upgrade was a part of a major technological modernization program for the chemical manufacturer. Honeywell has already finished the other phase of development for Plant No.6 – a training simulator for operators to learn and familiarize themselves with the Experion PKS control system, reducing training times and the risk of errors. Development of an Advanced Process Control (APC) system for the facility was also carried out.

“We have worked with Honeywell for years on a mutually beneficial basis, and its control system operating at Plant No.5 has proved reliable and efficient for almost two decades,” said Anatoly Politko, head metrologist, TogliattiAzot. “Dealing with aggressive ammonia gas, we have to choose equipment that works flawlessly in the harshest conditions. That is why we’ve turned to Honeywell again.”

Ammonia is used mainly to produce nitrogen-based compounds, nitric acid and fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, carbamide and composite fertilizers) to boost agricultural yield.

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