noax Industrial PCs: Easier to Configure with nSMART

Feb. 1, 2016
noax Technologies AG has revolutionized the NSetup software. Beginning with the N11 board generation, “nSMART” makes configuration of noax IPCs easier. The new graphic user interface has improved operator accessibility.

Increased Intelligence:

noax is the only manufacturer who integrates monitoring and controlling options in their hardware. For example, the MCU oversees the operating voltage, temperature, and other important parameters. Flashing LEDs on the IPC show when a monitored value is outside of a defined limit and records the event. This allows noax IPCs the ability to save valuable data or to switch off functions in an orderly way. The MCU and NSetup software offer greater dependability and reliability.

The N11 generation MCU's software has recently upgraded to nSMART. The upgraded software expanded the scope of functions and has a redesigned user interface. The goal of noax was to make it even easier to operate the IPC system. The focus on operability is in the design of the buttons and clear graphic display. The buttons are large enough to conveniently operate with gloves on. Each button contains a straightforward pictogram and reveals a brief description of the function.

Easier to operate:

Additional background information is retrievable via the user interface. A help button located at the top right of the touchscreen provides detailed descriptions for all functions.

An administrator can easily assign functions or macros for short standard texts to function keys. It is easy to program any type of shortcuts for retrieving certain programs.

Central control unit:

Better ergonomics, greater convenience, more comfortable handling – this theme continues throughout the nSMART design. All settings that a user would want are configurable using nSMART. There are links to all functions of the IPC including the touch driver and Windows energy options. This makes nSMART the central control unit of the industrial PC. Individual configuration is easier than ever and the original state can be restored at any time.

Like NSetup, nSMART can also generate reports. The reports are convenient and use-friendly in a manageable PDF format. The reports contain the type of device, serial number, events, additional features, settings, and much more. nSMART provides IT experts an easy-to-operate system to meet individual requirements.

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