Chew On This

The next wearable technology might come in the form of a sticky sensor.

The next time you step on a piece of gum, don’t get mad, rather, be amazed, because this tacky treat attached to the bottom of your shoe could save your life some day.

As wearable technologies make waves in the medical arena as a convenient way to monitor and track a person’s health data, the metal forms on which they reside are not a perfect fit for humans. We twist, we bend, we stretch and flex. And we need a material that molds to the way we move.

Enter the researchers at the University of Manitoba, who have identified the perfect pliable solution: gum.

According to an article in Modern Healthcare, gum that’s been chewed (for 30 minutes) is adhesive, moldable and elastic, and when it’s attached to carbon nanotube for sensing, it could solve some of the inflexible issues of wearable gadgets.

Researchers are testing the device on fingers, and have shown that it can accurately detect finger movement. Attached to the throat it senses sneezing and breathing. Of course it looks like there’s a lot more work to be done in this area, but it’s something to think about—or chew on—for sure.

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