Be Sure with Surlean Foods

Feb. 11, 2016
Surlean Foods, a leading custom-food manufacturer, is a 30 year veteran in the food industry; sourcing, developing and manufacturing products.

Surlean Foods recently upgraded their wireless distribution system which allowed the scales on their packaging floor to communicate directly to their control room. During an ERP systems implementation, Surlean Foods realized the need for a touchscreen PC for packaging operators to interface with the software.

When Director of IT Services, Cory Simmons, began evaluating industrial touchscreen PC manufacturers he received a tip from Surlean Foods’ Director of Maintenance Pablo Hernandez. Hernandez recommended noax Technologies, who he met previously at Pack Expo 2011 in Chicago, IL, and made an impression on him. As Surlean Foods grows, they need technology that supports their business, particularly their packaging and processing areas. The upgraded technology includes connecting their scales to a Windows-based program that requires user interaction on the packaging floor.

Surlean Foods demoed a noax PC and shortly after ordered their first of seven units. Surlean Foods purchased the noax S15 industrial touchscreen PCs which feature a user-friendly touchscreen with programmable keys for fast packaging selection. The noax IP65 industrial touchscreen PCs withstand Surlean Foods’ daily sanitation and post-production environment, which includes irregular temperature fluctuations.

According to Simmons, “noax PCs are extremely user-friendly and stand up to our sanitation process. The PCs are easy to set up and have not required any maintenance since installation, 6 months" ago.

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