Meet Your New Shower “Cap”

A new smart gadget tracks and adjusts water use based on an individual’s shower activity to avoid wasted water.

Using technology to improve behavior is nothing new. An app can tell you when you’re getting close to your daily calorie limit. Alerts can be set to warn us when going over our budget.

Now behavior-based data collection is going to new places—behind your shower curtain.

Coming soon to a market near you are showerheads that can alert users to water consumption in real-time, automatically adjusting water flow based on shower activity. The device, the EvaDrop, helps you curb water use by sensing with LEDs when you’ve moved away from the showerhead (to grab soap, shave, etc.) and then reducing water flow accordingly. Depending on how far away you are, it can restrict flow from 80 percent to 40 percent, so you’re not wasting a full flow while you lather up or condition. When you’re ready to rinse, stepping back under the showerhead resets the flow to 100 percent.

The benefits are clear: Water is conserved and you save on your bills. Now, whether you’re cool with a device watching you shower, well, that may be a different story.

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