Behind-the-Scenes at Georgia Aquarium


Most of the millions of visitors to Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium probably never even think about what keeps the 550,000 square-foot facility running, with its 6.2 million gallon Ocean Voyager exhibit and more than 100,000 fish.

However, a few stories below the aquarium, you’ll find corridors, control rooms, service and storage areas, offices and open areas that house the critical systems and equipment that are necessary to keep the aquarium operating and the fish thriving. These “life support systems” include huge system-controlled mixing tanks — each with a capacity of more than 65,000 gallons — that create the saltwater for the aquarium’s exhibits, as well as the reclamation tanks that store and recirculate the water every 90 minutes.

Opto 22 hardware is the key component of the integrated control systems within the Aquarium. All of the aquarium’s fish-related water processes are controlled by more than 3,100 Opto 22 mistic and SNAP I/O points (583 analog, 2,523 digital).

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