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Feb. 29, 2016
Under the motto "We automate. Safely." Pilz will be presenting industry solutions and services for safety and automation at this year's Hannover Messe April 25 - 29, 2016.

Under the motto "We automate. Safely." Pilz will be presenting industry solutions and services for safety and automation at this year's Hannover Messe April 25 - 29, 2016. The automation company will also be presenting its product innovations from the fields of "Sensor technology" - including a world first - and "Operating and monitoring".

Safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) will be another theme: visitors can watch as the Pilz "robot colleague" swings into action. The company will be using a live demonstration to illustrate how user-friendly the implementation of automation solutions for the Smart Factory can be, from engineering through to visualization.

Pilz leads the way in innovation

A world first will be unveiled in the Pilz booth: the new light grids PSENopt II are the first Type 3 light grid for use in applications in accordance with Category PL d of IEC/EN 61496. Since the standard changed in May 2015, users have had to switch to Type 4 if they wished to achieve PL d. In practice this leads to higher costs, when Type 4 is not even necessary. PSENopt II units bridge the gap in the standard and guarantee an economical light grid solution, since they are tailor-made.

The automation company will also be presenting another innovation in sensor technology with its new safety gate system PSENmlock. It offers safety gate monitoring with safe guard locking for personal and process protection up to the highest category PL e, all in one device.

Visualization as a reliable observer

Pilz's sensor technology innovations include the new Safety Device Diagnostics, which comprise a fieldbus module, junction and safe sensor technology, PSEN. Sensor diagnostics enable data to be easily retrieved, even remotely, thus reducing service operations and downtimes.

It's not only in sensor technology that a good overview ensures greater availability - Pilz also provides support with a new, complete solution for control, diagnostics and visualization. At Hannover, the complete automation specialist will be presenting the new operator terminal PMI 6 Control from the PMI product series (Pilz Human Machine Interface), which is fitted with a soft PLC.

Robot colleague in the Pilz booth

As a complete supplier, Pilz offers services and solutions - such as the safe 3D camera system SafetyEYE - for safe robot applications.

At Hannover, the Pilz robot colleague will be handing over "a workpiece" to visitors - without a disruptive guard in sight. This live demonstration in the Pilz booth will show how safe human-robot collaborations are already working in the field.

At the heart of the robotics presentation is the comprehensive services portfolio for this sector, which is tailored to the individual life phases of a robot system; providing support from process analysis and risk assessment to CE marking.

Just "Smart"

Alongside robotics, "Industrie 4.0" is another initiative within the Pilz booth. Here the company will use a live demonstration to illustrate how control tasks in a modular plant can be efficient and user-friendly, thanks to distributed intelligence. The focus in this case will be on the Industrie 4.0-compatible automation system PSS 4000.

As a member of the research platform SmartFactory KL, Pilz is actively involved in drafting uniform standards for Industrie 4.0. At Hannover, Pilz is also represented in the shared SmartFactory KL booth in Hall 8. On display will be a production line developed in conjunction with other partners, illustrating the practical application of some key aspects of Industrie 4.0.

"Big Partner" - USA is an important market for Pilz

Pilz has been represented locally with its own subsidiary in the USA for over 20 years. "This year's official partner country of the Hannover Messe is now the number one export market for German mechanical engineering and is an important market for Pilz", says Mike Beerman, General Manager of Pilz's United States subsidiary. It provides support not only with solutions, but also with a comprehensive services portfolio: "Our application knowledge about standards is important, because standards provide a framework for operators and users, enabling them to create a safe working environment. This is where Pilz USA can provide direct, safety-critical, support for our customers", says Beerman.

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