I’ll Drink to That


Gatorade gets personal with data-driven smart hydration technology for athletes.

The water bottle to end all water bottles is being tested by Gatorade Sport Science Institute. The trend toward personalized activity tracking in fitness is now being applied to the concept of hydration with Gatorade’s “smart cap” technology.

Bottles are digitally linked to the user and work with an app that calculates how much the individual sweats during an average workout, how much sodium is lost and how much of an electrolyte mix is needed to be blended with water to maintain optimal performance. Each bottle contains a microchip and a small turbine in the spout that measures how much fluid is consumed with each sip. LED lights on the cap indicate whether the individual is ahead or behind target.

The water bottles are already being used by the Kansas City Chiefs and the Boston Celtics, among others.

If this technology works, can you please send it to my Oakland Raiders next?


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