HARTING Technology Group Says U.S. Will Drive Digitization in Industry 4.0

March 9, 2016
HARTING Technology Group says that it sees the U.S. as the driving country in digitalization in Industry 4.0.

“Digitalization will turn the world of today upside down. Processes, business models and entire sectors will either change or become obsolete,” Dr. Frank Brode, Senior Vice President of New Technologies said at a recent press conference in the U.S.

HARTING recognizes the enormous potential for Industry 4.0 in the U.S. due to the strong and intense re-industrialization of the U.S. economy. This trend is already the most important driving force for the HARTING Business, Dr. Brode explained, “Driven by IT and Software, the highly dynamic U.S. economy offers huge opportunities for HARTING, as classic suppliers of solutions for machines and plant construction and Integrated Industry experts. HARTING is positioned to bring together these two worlds, the cyber world and actual products. We see ourselves in the role of enablers.”

HARTING recently became a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), founded in 2014 in Needham, Massachusetts by U.S. companies AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM, and Intel. The IIC is focused on developing Internet technologies for the industrial market. This membership positions HARTING at the forefront of Industry 4.0. This membership along with HARTING’s continued partnership with MIT ensures that HARTING will be a leading force in Industry 4.0 in years to come.

HARTING is also continuing to invest into driving new technologies, not only in the U.S., but continent-wide in North America. They have recently hired a Director of Technology Development who will be responsible directing all North American related research activities, new technologies and projects with HARTING’s key technology partners. HARTING will also open a new production plant later this year in Silao, Mexico that will focus on overmolded cables and cable harnesses.

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