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A Robotic Lawnmower? Cut It Out!

A 3D printable robotic lawnmower knocks one chore off your to-do list.

Heading into spring, you’re probably thinking about sunshine, vacations and… having to cut your grass again. Even my normally brownish-hued Los Angeles lawn is looking green and a little overgrown already.

On top of the burden, with lawnmowers accounting for many accidents each year (including pediatric emergencies and unnecessary amputations), wouldn’t it be nice to keep your distance and let a robot do the mowing for you?

Andreas Haeuser, a veteran aeronautical engineer in the German aerospace industry, has designed a 3D printable robotic lawnmower that functions much the way a Roomba does indoors (see video of the robot here). You can create your very own Ardumower if you have access to a 3D printer, some electronics and the instruction manual on his site. Haeuser has created two other printable, environmentally friendly designs: a wind turbine and a solar-powered Stirling engine.

If the Ardumower doesn’t sound like your type of weekend project, there are robotic lawnmowers such as the Robomow available on the market that will go up slopes, work with with apps, and put themselves away when they sense rain. 


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