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Artificial Intelligence to Stop Aging

A new mobile app is ready to track your wrinkles and feed your ego.


Good news for people who believe in beauty before age: This month the RYNKL analysis app is being released for both iOS and Android platforms. Developed by Youth Laboratories, this mobile app allows you to take pictures of yourself, and, using parametric and machine learning technology, evaluates the intensity of wrinkles and the effectiveness of your favorite face cream.

Positioned as an anti-aging virtual assistant, this app is geared toward those of us who want to stay as beautiful as possible as long as possible. I suppose it’s a good thought, but listening to the product promo made me cringe just a little. Just a few excerpts:

“Age-related changes accumulate gradually, becoming more visible and making your face less appealing to people around you.”


And, while there are devices that track daily activity, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and body fat, “what really matters to those around you is how you look.”


“People intuitively measure the number of wrinkles around your face and turn that into how they perceive you.”

They do?

And, my favorite: "Share your wrinkle score with your friends on social networks, and the app will help you see how you age compared to your classmates, friends and co-workers. Imagine how cool it is to get an impartial and honest opinion and act on this information to combat aging.”

No, thank you.

Of course, while I believe in aging gracefully, this app will likely not take up space on my iPhone. However, perhaps a time will come when I look in the mirror and wish I had downloaded the RYNKL app in 2016, when it first became available. Heck, a whole lot of people love the idea, as development of the app was fully crowdfunded through Kickstarter with many backers acted as beta testers.

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