OleumTech Solves Major Automation Challenges for a Global O&G Producer

March 31, 2016
OleumTech Corporation, a leading provider of M2M communications and industrial automation solutions, solved major automation challenges for a global O&G producer with their pipeline pigging systems located throughout Southeast Oklahoma.

The operator faced three major challenges:

  • Automating the monitoring of two process variables per site to increase their operational efficiencies (pipeline pressure and tank level)
  • Overcoming great distances between the assets to the main control panel where the RTU was located (trenching, conduit and wires were not feasible due to high cost and presence of underground pipes and rough terrain)
  • Ability to tie-in the pressure and tank levels without tampering with the programming of legacy Bristol 3340 RTU, thus, only by utilizing the available 4-20 mA inputs

OleumTech solved these challenges using the following method:

  • To monitor the two assets, OleumTech deployed Wireless Transmitters that are self-contained, battery-powered, Class I, Division 1 certified, intrinsically safe
  • Analog Pressure Sensor/Transmitter to monitor the pipeline pressure to detect pig arrivals
  • Resistive Level Sensor/Transmitter to monitor the tank level of produced water
  • OleumTech Transmitters cover of up to 7500 ft. Thus, the RF range between the assets to the RTU was not a factor
  • The raw pressure and tank level data were then converted to 4-20 mA outputs connecting them back to the Bristol 3340 RTU utilizing the DH2 Wireless Gateway and Modbus RS485 I/O Expansion System with one 4-20 mA I/O Module

Success story:
OleumTech’s remote automation system was deployed in less than one day at the producer’s most challenging location. Prior to OleumTech’s involvement with the project, the producer would have had to spend more than $30k per site and it would have taken weeks to engineer and deploy. The producer was taken quite by surprise how simple and easy it was to deploy the M2M automation solutions by OleumTech and the ability to accommodate their legacy equipment and engineering requirements. Since the success of the pilot, the producer is moving forward automating their other locations with OleumTech Wireless Sensor and I/O Networks.

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