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When Geek Meets Grill

New infrared technology lets you grill the perfect steak at home.


Steak-lovers take note: Over-Fired Broilers (O.F.B) are the next big thing in indoor grilling. Created by Otto Wilde Grillers based in Dusseldorf, Germany, this gas grill brings the precision of German engineering to your kitchen counter.

According to the company (which has created a Kickstarter campaign), O.F.B. includes specialized infrared gas units that reach temperatures of up to 970°C/1700°F within minutes, providing a quickly grilled perfect steak with a carmelized crust and a tender, juicy center. Are you drooling yet?

But wait, there’s more things to salivate about. A recent Huffington Post blog included an interview with an Otto Wilde Grillers executive who outlined three major trends in grilling technology.

  1. Advances in safety and quality to produce more indoor grilling solutions for densely populated cities.
  2. Grills and accessories that are more connected to mobile devices. In addition, the IoT will include smart thermometers and dry ageing fridges, as well as mobile-controlled smokers.
  3. And, more grills designed for single-use purposes for highly specialized cuisine.

Looks like technology is raising the “steaks” when it comes to cooking.

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