Smart Gadget Highlights Fitness Progress

Breathalyze yourself to find your fat-burning level.


Have you ever wondered if you’re burning fat, like, right now?

Maybe not. But regardless… there’s a new gadget for that.

LEVL is a breathalyzer that connects to your smartphone, and it will let you know in real-time if you’re burning fat. How does it work? When you burn fat, your body produces acetone. The system measures acetone in your breath and provides you with the level of fat-burning that corresponds to your current acetone level. The device will tell you your current level in a matter of seconds, but because your acetone production doesn’t change that rapidly, the level might be a result of workouts you did a few days ago.

LEVL’s founder and president, Brad Root, has the right idea when he says that he wants to see a shift in ideals from weight loss to fat loss, particularly when weight can increase with healthy habits (in the form of increased muscle) or decrease with some not-so-great habits. 

Call me old-fashioned, but I secretly know when I’m burning fat. Maybe it’s not an exact science, but I have a decent idea based on whether I’ve been… working out. And if I lose track of that, my high-high alarm is when my favorite jeans don’t fit. No electronics required!

But in all seriousness, if this device helps people get healthier—and it may one day interoperate with other wearable fitness devices—then who am I to judge?






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