InterDam focuses on safety, simplicity and cost for triple digit growth

May 2, 2016
Today’s offshore and onshore Oil & Gas and Wind Energy projects are bigger and more demanding than ever.

Today’s offshore and onshore Oil & Gas and Wind Energy projects are bigger and more demanding than ever. They also bring unprecedented challenges when it comes to design, safety and costs. InterDam is a leading specialist in safe and efficient blast and fire-resistant doors and walls, serving as a reliable partner for these customers, with a stable base in multiple industries. The company has always listened carefully to customers’ demands as a cornerstone to providing standard and customised products for quality solutions. This stability and customer-centric approach has helped InterDam realize triple digit turnover growth in 2015 despite the industry’s downturn.

Much of InterDam’s success has been based on a firm commitment to innovation. Innovation can be about pushing boundaries. But client-focused innovation should also provide clear cost and design benefits. “Our new 4th Type G21 fire wall system is a great example of this,” explains Managing Director Berend Groeneveld. “Its prefabricated sandwich construction is designed to last. At the same time, it is one-third the weight of traditional walls, it dramatically reduces installation time and it is less than half the cost of other models. A smart, innovative solution that helps our customers lower risk while operating safely and efficiently.”

InterDam’s extensive industry experience helps the company provide door and wall solutions that match their customers’ needs. In fact, the company thrives on product-specific inquiries. “We listen carefully to our customers’ specific requirements and challenges,” explains Groeneveld. “Then we use our own innovative engineering and production departments to ensure that these challenges are converted into cost-effective solutions that transform smoothly into standard and certified products. Just as importantly, they help the customer mitigate risk across the lifecycle of the project.”

This combination of customer-focused stability, diversity, innovation, and cost-effective solutions translates into trusted supplier partnerships across the industry. Recent projects include dozens of prefabricated modules for an onshore arctic LNG project, and a converter platform for an offshore German windfarm near the North Sea. InterDam’s approach – safe, simple solutions to real-world challenges – is the reason an increasing number of customers now have InterDam on their approved vendor list. It also explains the company’s triple digit growth in today’s volatile marketplace

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