Smart Fridges Let Doctors Focus on Patients

Technology ensures your doctor has the right vaccines when they’re needed.

With so many doctors running private practices, it’s great that med schools spend a good amount of time on the business side of things… oh wait, no they don’t.

I’m not a doctor myself, but the ones I know chose their careers because they wanted to help people and save lives. There are doctors who like running businesses, but for some people, the management side can be detrimental to job satisfaction. And in a recent survey of doctors, among those who had an income increase over the previous year, “41 percent said they chose hospital employment over private practice because they wanted to be doctors, not business people.”

Luckily, companies like VaxCare and MinibarRx are getting wise, automating inventory replenishment and billing so that doctors can focus more time on administering healthcare to patients. The VaxCare system, comprised of hardware and software, aims to manage vaccine delivery from start to finish. Independent physicians and public health systems can feel confident that they have the supply they need, and they can collect fees more quickly thanks to automatic billing.

The MinibarRx looks like the sleekest vaccine and biologics vending machine you’ve ever seen (saying a lot?), making sure they’re organized, restocked and stored at the proper temperature.

If your hotel can automatically bill you for a mini bottle of Fireball you removed at 3am, it makes sense that the healthcare field takes advantage of the technology, too…

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