Bringing Drawing to Life with 3D Pens

3D printing pens bring a new dimension to drawing.


Remember “Take On Me,” the 1985 synth-pop song from the Norwegian band a-ha? In the video (yes, kids, MTV was broadcasting music videos back then), the cartoon character breaks out of the comic book, morphing from a 2D black and white drawing into an actual person—in living color—and winning over the girl. (I loved that video.)

And, now, the world is that much closer to having our doodles dive off the page. Say hello to Lix, a 3D printing pen enabling you to write or create art in the air. Just plug it in and let it heat up, then start drawing—vertically.

The pen melts and cools colored plastic to create rigid, free-standing structures that can be formed in imaginative shapes. No paper needed.

The video on the company website shows a few use cases, such as an architect creating a 3D prototype and a fashion designer taking a dress to a new dimension. Other application areas include creating clothing accessories, decorative pieces, or arts and crafts (or characters from the band a-ha).

Production of the pen is a result of a Kickstarter campaign, and you can pre-order the cool tool in white or black matte with bags of black and colored filaments for around $140 ($10 for extra color filament). So who will take this on?

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