IoT Hits the Road

IoT is changing how spectators view some of cycling's biggest events.


Move over Tour de France, the Race Across America (RAAM) is longer (across 12 states and 3,000 miles), harder (traversing three major mountain ranges, two deserts and four rivers) and more physically challenging— once the clock starts, it does not stop until the finish line.

When this year’s RAAM began on June 14th, European ultracyclist Gerhard Gulewicz was outfitted with Internet of Things (IoT) technology from Noa Technologies, a company that will publicly launch in the Fall of 2016.

This was Gulewicz’s 11th time participating in RAAM as a solo rider and his first using technology that can monitor his ride 24/7. With Noa’s mobile IoT technology integrated into his three competition bikes, Gulewicz's supporters were able to track his ride performance in real-time with data on his speed, remaining trip duration and bicycle switches. Noa’s technology is also capable of monitoring bicycle conditions and maintenance needs, eliminating unexpected and costly slowdowns.

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