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Tech Utensil Helps People with Tremors

Lift Labs’ device counteracts a user's tremors while holding a spoon or fork.

For those with hand tremors, eating, dressing and other daily tasks can often be a challenge. And as the older sibling of an inspirational sister with special needs, I’m always excited to write about enabling technologies that provide people with more independence.

Lift Labs has created a stabilizing handle, Liftware, which attaches to a spoon or fork to help those with hand tremors eat more easily. Using motion detection sensors, two motors and a small computer, the handle distinguishes between the desired motion of the handle and motion from tremors. The motors move the handle in the opposite direction of tremor motion, reducing shakiness by 70% according to this study.

The handle, designed to be held in multiple ways, is most suitable for those with mild to moderate tremors and can be wiped clean with a sponge (the utensil itself can be detached and washed normally). A single charge is estimated to last 3-6 meals.

According to their site, Lift Labs’ creators were motivated by seeing the experiences of friends and family and are focused on “on improving overall quality of life and independence for those with tremors.” The company joined Google X’s Life Sciences division in 2014.


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