Get Ready for Contact Lenses 2.0

Smart contact lenses can capture photos and videos.



How many times have you stumbled into a wall and thought to yourself, “I hope no one saw that?” In the future, you might also be adding, "And I certainly hope there's no  evidence if they did see it."

Recently, Sony filed a patent for smart contact lenses with a built-in camera. This follows patents filed by Samsung and Google, making smart lenses the latest trend in wearable technology.

According to an article in Tech Times, the contact lens patent, which has not yet been approved, can take photos and record videos when it detects a conscious blinking of the user’s eyes. In addition, it has an internal storage mechanism and can play back captured footage. Additional controls can be activated by a “tilt sensor” that, when engaged, displays other functions available on your eyeball.

I’m not sure who would want this intelligent contact lens, but I can guarantee if I were to wear it, I’d be very distracted and tripping into things much more than normal!


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