ProComSol COM-TABLET - HART Communicators for Hazardous Areas

July 21, 2016
ProComSol, Ltd announced the addition of new HART Communicator kits for hazardous areas.

ProComSol, Ltd ( announced the addition of new HART Communicator kits for hazardous areas. The communicators use the popular TAB-EX series of Android Tablets from ecom instruments ( The kits include the tablet, HART modem, and the DevComDroid DD based Smart Communicator App for Android. According to Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd, “For a price point lower than a HART Communicator only device, a full featured productivity platform is now available for hazardous areas. It is a HART Communicator and so much more.”

The DevComDroid App is a full functioned HART Communicator. The entire DD Library from the FieldComm Group is included and regularly updated with subscription. New DD’s can also be added very simply by the user. The App can perform full configurations of Valves, Multi-Variable devices, and complex devices such as Radar Level and Coriolis Flow meters. The user interface is modern and intuitive. No training is required.

The COM-TABLET is preloaded with the DevComDroid App. Other Apps are available from the ecom instruments website or from the Google Play Store. With the addition of device management, inspection, and safety Apps (many of them free!), the COM-TABLET becomes more than a HART Communicator. It becomes a versatile and time saving tool for hazardous areas.

The Bluetooth wireless interface between the HART modem and tablet provides user safety and comfort. There are no wires to tangle or trip over.

All components are certified for use in hazardous areas. Hazardous areas covered include CSA (Class 1, Division 1), ATEX, and IECEx. There is also a COM-TABLET Windows version for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous areas.

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