Certified Adapters Meet Industrial Safety Standard to Guarantee Highest Reliability

July 21, 2016
Adapters are the power source of most electronic devices and equipment.

Adapters are the power source of most electronic devices and equipment. Compared with general consumer adapters, industrial-grade adapters provide several features with higher standards such as wider operating temperatures and longer Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF).

Advantech offers a complete series of certified adapters with output from 15W to 220W and diverse DC output voltages from 5V to 24V for industrial computer use in extreme environments.

Advantech provides professional technical support and in-time repair maintenance service with extended warranty periods and longevity for long-term product availability. To efficiently fulfill customers’ worldwide demand, Advantech supplies both IT adapters and medical adapters with comprehensive safety certificates. Significant features are as follows.

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