Get Your Drink On––The Robotic Way

A robotic intelligent mixologist dispenses the perfect pour.

Now here’s a batch recipe I can really relate to: A pomegranate margarita martini.

Only this isn’t mixed up on the plant floor, rather, in my kitchen using an automated cocktail mixer.

The Somabar is a robotic bartending appliance controlled by a mobile phone. It features customized drinks for user-created concoctions, fully mixing, infusing bitters when needed, and offering up the perfect pour every time. After each use, water automatically flushes the system, ensuring quality control for the next batch of libations.

This smart appliance can make 300 cocktail variations (or upload your own recipe). It features patent-pending pods (dishwasher safe) that replace bottles and hold six different liquors at a time, preparing them for automated mixing and dispensing. The app on your phone presents a menu based on ingredients you need, so just tap the app and get ready to lift your glass.

The cost? $429. Well worth it, don’t you think?

Full disclosure: I once was a bartender. (The world’s worst. And Somabar could have saved my job.) Truth be told, I'd rather be on the other side of the bar with this nifty appliance in my home for my own personal use.

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