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Self-Balancing Motorcycle

Gyroscopes keep can keep motorcycles upright during collisions.


Motorcycles can be a fuel-efficient, fun and fast way to get around town, but they’re often prone to tipping over on impact––and that can be catastrophic for the rider.

Danny Kim, Founder and CEO of Lit Motors, is changing this risk, however. He recently designed the C-1, a motorcycle that does not tip over when hit. Admittedly, it’s a bit bulkier than a Harley with its unibody chassis, doors and airbags. But it’s far safer in a collision—even with a large truck—than the motorcycles we’re used to seeing.

The self-balancing C-1 is equipped with two large gyroscopes, which spin in opposite directions to keep the vehicle upright when hit. reports, “They’re so powerful, the C-1 can withstand a sideways impact from an SUV and not tip over.”

But wait, there's more. The vehicle is all-electric, with a range of up to 200 miles between charges, and can reach 100 miles per hour. Its “landing gear” keeps it upright when parked.

Our current low gas prices may not be hurting people at the pump, but pollution (especially in big cities) is still a major global problem. With so many people driving solo in cars and SUVs, this small electric vehicle could make a difference in consumer gas consumption and air pollution if enough people switch.

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