SIL 3-certified signal conditioners

Aug. 11, 2016
Phoenix Contact’s MACX Analog now includes input-loop-powered passive conditioners

Phoenix Contact introduces new 0(4)-20 mA isolators with up to SIL 3 functional safety data. The latest additions to the MACX Analog family are two-way, input-loop-powered isolators.

The devices allow operation on active sensor technology with a supply voltage of 6 V to 30 V DC. They are powered via the sensor’s current loop, so they do not require an additional power supply. The single- and two-channel variants are available with two levels of isolation at 2.5 kV or the HV version at 5 kV. They feature plug-in connection technology for quick installation.

The MACX Analog isolating transducers precisely convert, isolate, filter, and amplify analog signals. The product family was developed and produced according to SIL specifications for functional safety in all phases of the product life cycle, ensuring the highest reliability and safety.

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