Simplicity & Versatility Are Key

To MCE’s Neroco Lift™ Vertical Conveyor

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Simplicity and versatility have been key features in the success of Modular Conveyor Express’s (MCE) Neroco Lift Vertical Conveyor. Designed for food, beverage, household and light industrial packaging applications, the simple open design of this robust conveyor enables it to easily fit into packaging operations while allowing for easy maintenance with quick access to all components. The continuous motion of MCE’s Neroco Lift Conveyor allows for smooth product handling, making it versatile enough for packaging lines with several different sized packages that are co-mingled on the same line. Cases, trays, bundles or cartons need only fit on the platform. No changeover is required between different package types or sizes.

Perfect for use in high-speed applications where floor space is limited, the MCE Neroco Lift Conveyor has recently undergone design improvements to further prolong life, increase its versatility and enhance operation while reducing maintenance.

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