Airplane Loo Cleanliness Soars to New Heights

Boeing has developed a self-cleaning restroom for planes that leverages ultraviolent (UV) light to stamp out germs.


As if flying these days isn't enough of a nightmare, the in-flight loo experience can be a test for anyone with a slight case of germophobia.

Well, don’t worry, aerospace giant Boeing has your back. According to an Engadget article, the manufacturer has developed a self-cleaning restroom for its planes that uses “Far ultraviolet light” (not the harmful, cancer-causing light) to kill germs and even eliminate orders throughout the cramped quarters, officials say. The UV lights are positioned throughout the air-born lavatory to hit all surfaces, including the toilet seat, sink, and countertops and they are activated once a person exits the rest room. Even better, the self-cleaning process only takes three minutes.

Boeing is still testing the technology, but it has filed a patent. Officials say the technology can be installed on bathrooms on existing planes.

While it doesn’t fix everything, the new bathroom technology certainly brings the in-flight experience a bit of "relief."

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