The Next-Generation QUADRA-CHEK Quality Inspection System

Sept. 8, 2016
HEIDENHAIN is excited to announce the highly anticipated launch of the NEW QUADRA-CHEK 3000 evaluation electronics system. With plans to be on display and demonstrated at the IMTS show, it is the perfect complement for high-precision measuring machines, and with its sleek industrial design, is right at home on the shop floor or in clean room environments.

The QUADRA-CHEK 3000 is operated via its capacitive touch screen that is suitable for multi-touch and gesturing. The sensitivity can even be adjusted so that the unit can be operated while wearing laboratory gloves. The front glass is chemically hardened, and is very robust and resistant to scratches.

Utilizing modern video tools that have, up to this point, only been available in a PC format, the QUADRA-CHEK 3000 allows operators to intuitively capture and analyze images through the camera on Measuring Microscopes and Video Measuring Machines. (VMMs). It can also be used in crosshair based Optical Comparators at this time.

The QUADRA-CHEK 3000 has simple and intelligent video tools that are used to measure part features quickly and objectively. The many options available for customizing operation make the QUADRA-CHEK 3000 particularly user-friendly. They range from the language setting for the user interface to the output of measuring results. The measuring results can be printed out conventionally on paper or alternatively stored locally or centrally on a server as a PDF file.

With a complete overhaul of the operating system, communication interfaces and user interface, the QUADRA-CHEK 3000 is truly the next evolution of QUADRA-CHEK that will feel like the product customers have trusted for over 30 years.

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