Frick Engineered Controlled Solutions Integrates Compressor and Refrigeration Controls.

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Compressors for industrial refrigerators come in many shapes and sizes, and with many different control systems.

The Frick Industrial Refrigeration brand builds an average of 4,000 equipment control panels every year in its high-tech UL508 shop in Waynesboro, Pa. The panels vary greatly, from compressor controllers to starters to complete turnkey systems.

Frick promotes an efficient design and fabrication process by having the engineering design team in the same building as the manufacturing team in Waynesboro. Major portions of Frick’s annual build activity use programmable automation controllers (PACs) that use Opto 22 products for centralized control.

Frick also uses a large number of Integrated Circuit Temperature Detectors from Opto 22 for their industrial installations, which have transitioned from an Opto 22 PC-based DOS control system to the latest generation of PACs and SNAP I/O.

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