This One is Just Right! Teaching the Next Generation of Engineers

A love for robots can start early with GoldieBlox and other STEM educational materials.


Recently, Hollywood celebs Amy Schumer and Blake Lively expressed their outrage over the difference between the Girls’ Life and Boys’ Life magazine covers—one of which encourages youngsters to “wake up pretty” and the other encouraging readers to “explore your future,” with pictures of computers and airplanes. Wondering which was directed at which gender? Probably not, right? So I’m assuming their anger stems from, well, the lack of STEM encouragement all around!

Enter GoldieBlox, a multimedia company that creates dolls and apps that teach the principles of coding and engineering. The company wants to bring its learning kits to educators by developing a suite of science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational materials for both boys and girls.

According to an article in Fast Company, The hands-on toys encourage scientific experimentation, such as designing cars and cranes or learning the basics of prototyping. And, because teachers don’t often have the funds to bring new materials to classrooms, GoldieBlox has pledged to support teachers who launch GoFundMe campaigns. For every $150 raised, the company will provide a kit valued at $300 that contains toys and a curriculum that aligns with national science education standards.

"Ultimately, our hope is to help close the gender gap in STEM by giving both boys and girls the tools they need for future success," says Debbie Sterling, founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, in an interview with Fast Company.

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