Maintaining Many Natural Gas Wells at Peak Efficiency from a Central Location

An essential process in natural gas extraction is scrubbing and sweetening the gas (removing acidic gases) to reduce operating and disposal costs.

Remote monitoring and analyzing of critical performance data from clay-matrix chemical scrubbers has optimized natural gas “sweetening” for New Sky Energy. The data from multiple sensors allow for automated feedback process controls, automatic safety shutdowns and predictive maintenance.

New Sky Energy’s SulfurCycle technology is a two-stage process that chemically captures unwanted acidic gases and turns them into useful sulfur compounds. Unfortunately, the clay-matrix filters used in this process aren’t reusable or easily monitored.

With robust data collection and processing, Opto 22 has created feedback systems that monitor the performance of the clay filters and keep SulfurCycle systems running smoothly. The Opto 22 SNAP PAC System uses data from a dozen or more I/O modules to automatically control electrical systems and valves, and Opto 22’s SNAP-PAC-R1 programmable automation controller pulls it all into one monitoring portal.

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