ADLINK Announces New Release 3.5 of SEMA® Intelligent Middleware for Monitoring, Control & Configuration of Embedded Devices

Oct. 6, 2016
New version of SEMA® offers a broad spectrum of enhanced functionality to improve system reliability and ease system integration

ADLINK Technology, Inc., a leading global provider of cloud-based services, intelligent gateways, and embedded building blocks for edge devices that enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced availability of the latest version of its intelligent middleware and management tool, Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA®) 3.5, which is able to monitor and collect system performance and status information from devices and control system functions in a timely, flexible and precise manner.

New functionality offered in SEMA® 3.5 enhances the already comprehensive feature set of the existing, proven SEMA® solution. ADLINK’s new SEMA® 3.5 now supports state-of-the-art operating systems (OSs) such as Windows 10, and supports the latest x86 and ARM SoC generations. SEMA® system performance and quality has also been improved, with call speed increased by 60 percent and added support for concurrent access of multiple processes and software applications leveraging SEMA® functions in parallel.

With SEMA® 3.5, ADLINK introduces an enhanced feature set and offers comprehensive hardware support at the board level. For instance, a history of last power-up sequence errors is logged, including detailed forensic information; this enables further investigation into technical issues in order to avoid unplanned system downtime. In addition, new 1-Wire support offers an easy-to-integrate serial interface that allows access to memory, security and temperature sensor devices.

“One of the many enhancements in SEMA® 3.5 has been to extend the customization capabilities of the API we offer,” explained Dirk Finstel, executive vice president of ADLINK’s Module Computing Product Segment. “This enables customers to develop tailored solutions and to integrate monitoring and control functions into their embedded systems.”

SEMA® 3.5 is supported on a broad spectrum of hardware platforms, with the majority of ADLINK´s computer-on-modules, single board computers and embedded computer systems being SEMA®-enabled. The intelligent middleware runs on the most widely used embedded operating systems and supports both x86 and ARM architectures.

SEMA® 3.5 is provided to customers at no-cost for use in combination with SEMA-enabled ADLINK hardware. SEMA® 3.5 helps customers to improve system reliability, reduce maintenance costs and ease system integration of embedded systems. Hence, it improves time-to-market (TTM) and total cost-of-ownership (TCO), key requirements for producing competitive products.

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