Making a Mini-Me: Get Ready to 3D Print Yourself

Throw your selfie stick away. 3D digital avatars are where it’s at.


We all know that person on Facebook who documents her every move with a “quick selfie” to show us her cool boots, the great lunch she had with her “honey,” or how lucky she is to be vacationing in Key West right now. (Some days I’d like for her to keep her wonderful life to herself…I’m not jealous. Do I sound jealous?)

Anyway, in the digital age photos are so passé. It’s time to move on to the 3D selfie— for those of us who are extremely narcissistic or just plain bored.

Step into the Dooblicator, a mobile 3D scanning, visualization and printing system from German company DOOB Group AG. Inside there are 54 cameras facing in all directions to capture your pose. Choose a cool picture and then that’s converted into a 3D file. That file is transformed into a 3D figurine via the printing system. It’s finished up with colored ink that’s dipped into a solution to bind the printing powder, strengthen the bond and create your miniature replica.

What’s the point of a mini-me (besides more photo ops), you may be wondering? Well, the power is actually in that DOOB digital scan, which, in the long term could be used by businesses in different industries to customize offerings to you based on your avatar. Forget difficulties shopping for clothes that fit, as a fashion designer could customize a dress for your exact measurements, for example.

If you are ready for your 3D debut then you are in luck, DOOB pop-up stores will be showing up around the United States very soon.

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