Oct. 13, 2016
Long-term strategic partnerships transforming control system maintenance and support, allowing manufacturers to focus on core business operations. Assurance 360 can cut total cost of ownership by as much as 20 percent. More than $350 million in contracts since 2014 launch

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Process Solutions (HPS) today announced it is helping industrial manufacturing plants around the world maximize uptime and reduce operating costs through its innovative Assurance 360 services program. The tiered program with guaranteed service levels was launched in 2014.
Through Assurance 360, plants have reduced overall incidents by as much as 40 percent, improving uptime and productivity. The program can also help facilities reduce production waste by up to 30 percent, cutting operating expenses and increasing output. These improvements, along with improved efficiency of maintenance staff, can help plants reduce their total cost of ownership by up to 20 percent.
“With Assurance 360, manufacturers no longer worry about maintenance, support and updates for their control systems. Honeywell assumes responsibility for outcomes as a trusted partner,” said Steve Linton, HPS global director, Programs and Contracts. “These contracts transform how plant assets are managed, putting the focus on system performance and allowing customers to focus on operations.”
The Assurance 360 program, which is part of HPS’ industrial Internet of things-ready technologies, moves beyond traditional transactional approaches to maintenance and support that prescribe quantities of materials or labor. Instead, Honeywell provides the maintenance, support and optimization necessary, including hardware refresh, software updates and upgrades, and remote support, to meet agreed outcomes and achieve operators’ long-term goals. With controlled costs, manufacturers can take a strategic view to use the automation system to improve business performance.
Through an international network of performance experts Honeywell is able to provide on-site maintenance and support to HPS Assurance 360 participants across the globe. Multi-year service partnerships are now in place supporting control systems at major facilities in multiple industries around the world, including refining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemical, pulp and paper and mining.
Each Assurance 360 program is tailored to the needs of the operation offering two levels of support to meet different user needs:

Assurance 360 Optima offers dedicated resources for preventive and corrective maintenance, replacement parts in the event of a failure, system updates, cyber security tools and servers, achieving the defined outcomes with payment adjusted by the results attained.
Assurance 360 Performa provides oversight on all aspects of system management with a focus on meeting or exceeding performance metrics through visualization, planning and targeted support when needed. Honeywell performance experts help and guide site personnel in preventive and corrective maintenance tasks as well as hardware and software upgrades.

“With increased competitive pressures and tighter margins, an increasing number of customers are finding they can benefit from the predictable cost structure and certainty of outcomes Assurance 360 provides,” added Linton. “The continued uptake of these services is fundamentally overhauling the way industries manage their control system services and support.”

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