40 years of METZ CONNECT

Oct. 13, 2016
Albert Metz took over Siebert & Tietz and established RIA Electronic GmbH in 1976.

Albert Metz took over Siebert & Tietz and established RIA Electronic GmbH in 1976. The company developed quickly, and within 40 years has become a global mid-sized corporation that has made a contribution towards the success of the internet. The acquisition of BTR in 1983 presented the opportunity to expand into markets for electronic relays and telecommunication products. Since then, RIA and BTR paved the way for the continued expansion of the METZ CONNECT product range to address the demands of the data communication and networking markets as we know them today, in particular with both copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. METZ CONNECT connection technology delivers high performance and meets international approvals. The installation of over 30 million E-DAT modul connectors exemplifies how METZ CONNECT Group products are involved wherever data transmission is required: data centers, industry, office, and homes.

In 1976, Albert Metz designed the first RIA terminal block “Type 001” and developed his own production tools for this product. Today, METZ CONNECT GmbH manufactures, promotes and has developed more than 25,000 products with 800 employees working on integrated communication solutions worldwide.

The METZ CONNECT Group has production sites and sales offices in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, the United States, China and Hong Kong to facilitate worldwide distribution of its products. The METZ CONNECT Group is also in collaboration with sales partners in over 20 countries. In addition to this year being the 40th anniversary of METZ CONNECT, the branch office in the United States is celebrating its 25th anniversary as the first site abroad.

An important part of the METZ CONNECT commitment to the future and its ongoing growth strategy is the continued development and expansion of our production facilities in Blumberg, Germany. A new facility is due for

completion in 2017. This will become a dedicated logistics and stock holding facility that will help bring continued efficiency to the organization.

In order to support these growth strategies, METZ CONNECT management has witnessed Albert Metz’s sons, Jochen and Christian, continue to assume further management responsibilities within the organization, leading it towards a successful future.

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