Spirit AeroSystems Selects GE to Accelerate its Digital Transformation

Oct. 13, 2016
Aviation manufacturer looking to enhance how they produce product, control costs and decrease downtime. GE Digital’s Efficiency Analyzer on Predix to help deliver on production rate increases. Brilliant Manufacturing module provides visualization into production process

GE Digital today announced that long-time GE (NYSE: GE) customer, Spirit AeroSystems (NYSE: SPR), embarked on a factory modernization initiative using a GE Brilliant Manufacturing solution. Looking to increase production of critical aviation industry products, Spirit AeroSystems will implement Efficiency Analyzer on Predix, GE’s operating system for the Industrial Internet.

According to Gartner, “clients report that on average, 70% of factory generated data goes unused today.”1 With Efficiency Analyzer, manufacturers can transform real-time machine data into actionable production efficiency metrics. Part of GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing Suite, this module can help companies avoid unplanned downtime, increase productivity of processes by identifying bottlenecks, and enable increased personnel efficiency.

“Spirit AeroSystems has taken advantage of its collaboration with GE to implement Efficiency Analyzer on a cross section of machine tools used in the manufacturing process,” said Paul Boris, Vice President, Manufacturing Industries for GE Digital. “Using Predix helped the company solve its challenges and iterate quickly on potential solutions. Spirit AeroSystems’ commitment to quality, and ability to be forward-thinking in how to leverage data to drive positive outcomes for the business are the true marks of a digital industrial company.”

Predix is GE’s operating system for the Industrial Internet, designed for building applications that connect to industrial assets, collect and analyze data, and deliver real-time insights for optimizing industrial infrastructure and operations. Industrial companies around the world are using Predix to manage and optimize their GE and non-GE assets—driving new levels of efficiency in their operations.

“Spirit’s products are in record demand around the globe, and operational effectiveness is critical to our success. We are excited to collaborate with GE to help Spirit achieve that goal,” said Jim Cocca, Spirit AeroSystems vice president of manufacturing strategy. “With thousands of machines located around the globe, visibility on asset usage and predictive maintenance will improve Spirit’s operational effectiveness on the shop floor.”

Spirit AeroSystems will start its digital journey by connecting a small sampling of its 5,000+ critical machines at its Wichita, Kansas facility. The initial goal is to achieve visualization into the company’s production process utilizing Efficiency Analyzer, and to expand its use as new modules are introduced by GE. Spirit is also working with GE Digital and other GE companies to develop a future path to additional factory automation solutions.

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