Living Room Meets Wheels

Feel like your living in your car sometimes? The Oasis is turning vehicles into urban living spaces.


There’s a whole contingent of mobile warriors out there who live out of their car. They grab a bite on the fly, keep an aresenal of daily supplies in the back seat or trunk and maybe even park and grab a quick nap when waiting to pick up the kids.

But what if your car really was a lot more like your living space? That’s the idea behind the Rinspeed Oasis concept vehicle slated to be previewed at CES 2017.

Pitched as a self-driving urban vehicle, the car is equipped with two swivel seats that can be rearranged in different seating scenarios and offers an interior design akin to “a living space,” according to a write up in TechCrunch. Standard living room amenities, such as an armchair and TV, are part of the décor along with state-of-the-art technical bells and whistles such as a windshield that offers full immersion in a virtualized surrounding as well as augment reality displays that overlay on the passing view.

The company touts the versatility of the Oasis, noting it can be used for commuting in the morning and as a “micro delivery vehicle” for delivering piping hot pizza from its trunk in the afternoon. How is that possible? The designers have added a code-protected drawer in the rear, which can be cooled or heated as desired. There’s even a small green space in the car below the windshield where designers envision people growing “flowers or radishes.”

Hmm. Maybe the Oasis is not ready for prime time, but it definitely provides a glimpse at our not-so-distant future.

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