Building Drones Out of Legos

A DIY drone-building kit based on Legos is here. (Really!)


The public’s fascination with drones seems to have reached a fevered pitch. But let’s face it––not every one is prepared to shell out the big bucks on a personal drone just so they can take a killer family portrait or annoy residents at the local park.

Not to worry. Flybrix, yet another Silicon Valley startup, has just launched a reasonably-priced DIY kit that uses Lego bricks to let everyone in on the drone-making act. As explained in a CNN Money article, the Flybrix kit, which is available for puchae online, is offered in two versions: A basic $189 package that uses an app to control the self-designed Lego drone and another $249 version that comes with a handheld controller.

Flybix’s pitch is that they use previously owned Lego pieces, collected from Lego wholesalers, to make up the kit and contain costs. Those 56 (!) Lego pieces that come as part of the kit are being “kept out of landfills,” Flybrix co-founder Holly Kasun told the CNNMoney reporters. And should you need even more purchase incentive, the kit can work with the stashes of Legos you might already have at home.

In addition to the Legos, the kit comes with a pre-programmed circuit board with LED lights, motors, propellers and a mini pilot figure. 

My guess is this is going to be a big hit come holiday time–for both kids and grown-ups!

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