Meet a No-Helmet-Needed Motorcycle

Forget your helmet?! BMW’s futuristic motorcycle may be the answer.


BMW’s latest creation is something out of a sci-fi movie. The Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is a self-balancing, interconnected, smart bike that is so safe you can ride without a helmet. And, it’s absolutely beautiful.

The black triangular frame (which is visually reminiscent of the first BMW motorcycle but functionally very different) is flexible and allows steering without the typical joints used today. When the handlebars are moved, the entire frame changes shape and facilitates the change in direction, but firms up at high speeds and at a standstill.

When you head out on the highway (lookin’ for adventure) a large metallic reflector integrated above the front wheel serves as a wind guide that works with a windscreen to ensure aerodynamically optimized airflow.

Not only that, this gorgeous ride does not need a stand as it has assistance systems that ensure perfect balance both on the road or in the garage. This feature, together with the data glasses and fashionable rider clothing (and a promo video featuring a woman), makes me think BMW is targeting the ladies. And, I’m sold.

The data glasses inside of a visor enables the motorcycle to stay up to date on the route and projects data directly into the rider’s field of view in the event of a hazard or if the rider requests information. And throw away that heavy leather jacket, because this motorcycle jacket is made of light textiles that protects against wind and rain and cools or warms the rider as desired while physically supporting the rider’s neck and spine. It also provides navigational signals via vibrating elements on the arms and legs of the fabric.

No telling when this futuristic bike will be commercially available, but I want one. (Cue the music: “Born to Be Wild.”)

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