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A New Technology to Control Your Dreams

Immersive sleep is a new spin on virtual reality.


What if, while you were asleep, you could be fully aware that you were dreaming and therefore able to manipulate and control your dream environment? Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you be with? (I know I’d be on a beach somewhere with Bradley Cooper.)

While it may sound unrealistic to pre-program your dream world, one company has developed a gizmo that can do just that. The Lucid Dreamer is a matchbox-sized device that is strapped to your forehead. When the REM stage of sleep is detected (via a dream detection algorithm), a mild electrical current is delivered that stimulates you to “wake up inside your dream.” This gives you the possibility of controlling your dreams, exploring the endless possibilities of your mind, the inventors say.

Choose your dream settings from the smartphone app to personalize stimulation intensity and frequency in order to optimize the lucid dream experience.

So what’s the point of lucid dreaming (other than hanging out with Bradley Cooper somewhere on a beach)? The inventors of Lucid Dreamer say it can actually unlock your real world potential. Speak with your inner self to gain valuable insights into your subconscious mind, practice public speaking, playing guitar or basketball and actually get better at it in real life. Or get creative to solve a problem at work.

But what if your dream turns into a nightmare? Interestingly, that’s on the company’s FAQ. The answer is: It can happen. “Although it is recommended to observe or confront the nightmare, you can always command yourself to wake up if things get too intense for you…Attempt to regain control of the dream, steer the plot in another direction, or wake yourself up.”

Hmm…That sounds a bit scary to me. But if you’re ready to confront your dreams and demons, the Lucid Dreamer is already in testing.

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