The Freedom to Drum

Slip some motion-sensitive sensors over a pair of drumsticks and play away.


Some musicians want to bring their instruments wherever they go—in the event they have some spare time to practice. But when you are a drummer, that’s a bit difficult to do. That’s why Freedrum was invented.

It is a virtual drumkit that lets you play anywhere you have access to a smartphone (which is everywhere). Here's how it works: Motion sensors are slipped over drumsticks, including a gyroscope to detect movements and interpret them as hits on a drum. That is then translated into a signal sent via Bluetooth to the connected app, such as Garageband on an iPhone, which then plays the sound via headphones or onboard speakers.

Freedrum, which is still under development and scheduled for shipment in August 2017, is designed to provide a natural, portable drumming experience for musicians. And, it seems like it will deliver on its promise. But I’m wondering if “playing the air” will be as satisfying to those drummers who like to hit the set and the cymbals.

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