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Pulling Water Out of Thin Air

WaterSeer condenses pure water from the air without power or chemicals.


Most of the water in the world is undrinkable or inaccessible. That means that more than 1 billion people are living in areas of water scarcity, and every day people are dying from the lack of safe drinking water.

Enter WaterSeer, a system that uses the environment around it to extract water from the atmosphere. The device is planted about six feet into the ground. Metal sides of an underground chamber are cooled by the soil. The wind spins a turbine that then turns fans directing air into condensation chamber. As the warmer air cools in the chamber, the water vapor condenses on sides flowing down into the basin, which then can be extracted by a hose or pump. It works without labor, electricity or damage to the environment.

The original WaterSeer was tested as a prototype at the UC Berkeley Gill Tract Farm in April 2016. And the current model was finalized in August 2016 and will be field tested in coordination with the National Peace Corp Association.

Current calculations estimate that WaterSeer can generate as much as 11 gallons of pure water a day under arid condition in the San Francisco area. But actual yield will vary based on environmental conditions. The hope is, that the installation of several WaterSeers in developing countries will be able to generate enough water for an entire community.

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