Advantech Focuses on Six Sectors with Sector-Lead Transformation

Nov. 16, 2016
Global Intelligent Systems leader Advantech demonstrated its latest IoT solutions, applications, and techniques at the 2016 Industrial IoT World Partner Conference (IIoT WPC).

Global Intelligent Systems leader Advantech demonstrated its latest IoT solutions, applications, and techniques at the 2016 Industrial IoT World Partner Conference (IIoT WPC). This year’s IIoT WPC aims to accelerate IoT application development for a wide range of diverse industries, demonstrate the latest solutions and techniques, as well as showcase its newly built Linkou manufacturing center to let our partners experience Industry 4.0 applications first hand.

KC Liu, Advantech CEO stated, “The prevalence of IoT technology, the expanding application of the sharing economy, and the gradual adoption of platform operations for corporations are the three phases which will take us into a new evolution of IoT. Advantech operations are based on the concept of a sharing economy; we regard ourselves as a platform, and we seek to construct an ecosystem and put our key techniques or solutions on the platform to share with our clients so they can make most value out of these resources.”

KC further stated that, “In addition, the platform removes obstacles in the transformation toward intelligent technology for our clients, at the same time as helping us expand IoT technology to various industries. Among all groups in Advantech, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) group focuses on the Solution Ready Platform (SRP); hardware-software integration as its core technology. With an innovative business model called WebAccess Sharing Platform Alliance, we will cooperate with our partners in the ecosystem to encourage development in several key IIoT vertical industries.”

Linda Tsai, Vice President, Advantech Industrial IoT Group says, “The business group will make use of the SRP model to help clients speed up development and save time on specific projects. Application products will reach the goal of standardization and furthermore assist clients in the system integration industry to fully realize their customized applications. Moreover, in order to respond to the demands of various industries, Advantech will focus on them with our Sector-Lead business organization for business development. The company is also set to transform and reshape the sales team to better answer to the demand of six vertical industry markets.”

Linda further explains that Advantech will engage in Sector-Lead business development in order to target: General Industrial IoT, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM), iFactory, Energy & Environment (E&E), Transportation, and iNetworking. These six major vertical industries or sectors will see the development of application solutions via SRP hardware/software integration. At this year’s IIoT WPC, Advantech proactively seeks to find consensus with our allied or general partners, in the hope of using our platforms as a base, SRP application solutions as the catalyst, and our Sector-Lead business organization model as means to accurately target the market and provide value-added services for the whole IIoT industry. At the current stage of development, we are breaking into the following industries:

l Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM)
² IEM provide complete motion control and machine visionary components, including motion control, machine vision, robot controllers and a software development platform for smart facilities. These technologies help an OEM construct smart facilities swiftly.
² From the perspective of industry focus, IEM successfully links up the domain know-how of our partners from various industries, with Advantech's product technology and brand advantage. Working proactively with our partners, we help develop complete SRP application solutions.

l iFactory
² Advantech prioritizes markets with higher automation maturity—those with the capability to incorporate smart factory and Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts such as the automobile assembly industry, the food industry, and the home electronics industry.
² For traditional industries such as PCB, solar energy, LED, etc., we introduce Industry 4.0 with open solutions to assist and encourage them to elevate their capability.
² We’ve also introduced an all-new online marketing site called IoTMart, which focuses on sales in B to B and B to C solutions for our partners, giving SRP application solutions a stronger global presence and influence.

l Energy & Environment (E&E)
² Advantech adopts the communication standard IEC 61850 to provide solutions in building the infrastructure of smart electrical grids, aiming for a global rollout.
² Our products incorporate leading telecommunication technology such as LORA, Sigfox, etc., and combined with our expertise in data acquisition and control, help develop many new functions that satisfy the requirement for reliability and security in Industrial IoT communications.
² With WebAccess+ IoT application alliance, combined with industry clients, government, scientific research institutions, and system integration partners in our own industry, we seek to build an industrial ecosystem of cooperation in industries such as iFactory, E&E, and smart agriculture. We also promote our cloud integration services based on our WebAccess software and vertical market applications.

l Transportation
² In every branch of Advantech, we form dedicated teams to assist our clients and provide suitable products for them using our long established industry know-how.
² Advantech cooperates with our ecological partners on international RFTs. Our global advantages provide trans-regional as well as local services. For example, if a client from Japan wins an international bid in the construction of railway and high speed rail, by cooperating with Advantech, the client will receive comprehensive local services from our company throughout all our branches or sales distributors in India, Vietnam, and Russia.
² We have become main partners of many top 10 enterprises in the world.

Advantech’s vision is, "Partnering for Smart City and IoT Solutions". Advantech firmly believes that we must cooperate with our ecological partners in the fields of smart cities and Industrial IoT, so that we can bring maximum value to our clients. Partners from over 20 countries attended this year’s 2016 IIoT WPC event. At the conference, Advantech demonstrated the latest technologies, products, and SRP application solutions in six focused sectors in: General Industrial IoT, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, iFactory, Energy and Environment, Transportation, and iNetworking.

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