Welcome, World's Most Efficient Supercomputer

Ready for a computer with speed? DGX SaturnV is touted as the world’s most efficient supercomputer.


If you listen to the pundits, there’s a brave new world of computing just around the corner, enabled by artificial intelligence and set to transform everything around us, from medicines to manufacturing.

NVIDIA, the graphics processor company, wants in on that action. The company recently announced it is releasing the DGX SaturnV, which is being hailed as one the world’s most energy efficient and fastest supercomputers. The new system has 63,488GB of RAM and 60,512 Intel Xeon E5-2698v4 CPU cores. The DGX SaturnV also makes use of NVIDA’s 125 DGX-1 computers, each supporting Tesla P100 GPUs, which have been dubbed the “AI supercomputer in a box” specifically built for deep learning.

The machine is capable of reaching exascale speeds—in layman terms, that accounts for 1 quintillion (or 1 billion billion) floating point operations per second. Crazy, crazy stuff. NVIDIA is touting this kind of supercomputer horsepower as the springboard for designing new combustion engines, modeling clean-burning fusion reactors and achieving breakthroughs in medical science.

NVIDIA officials also say the super speedy supercomputer will help the firm build the autonomous driving software that will be part of its self-driving vehicle platform and will aid in training and designing deep learning networks.

Ready or not, an AI future seems just around the corner.

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