Taking Selfies to a Higher Level

Forget selfie sticks, a portable flying drone offers the best aerial angle.


Throw away that selfie stick, there’s a new hi-tech option that hovers above to capture the perfect pose.

The AirSelfie is a tiny drone that is stored in a smartphone cover and is controlled by an iPhone or Android app with three different functions: self mode with two directional buttons to make it move far or close to you;  selfie motion control mode that provides a virtual joystick; or flying mode where the device is held horizontally and replaces a classic controller. A hover function enables AirSelfie to stay still when it’s time to snap the picture.

Once you’ve got the shot, just land AirSelfie into your open hand and put it back in its case to be recharged. The pictures are downloaded to your mobile device via WiFi.

The little drone includes a 5 megapixel camera, a gyro/barometer/geomagnetic sensor with 2.4 GHz WiFi, a brushless motor, a built-in 4 GB micro SD card, a built-in battery, a USB connection and an altitude sonar and stability camera.

There’s currently a KickStarter campaign to get this little camera “off the ground."

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