Robotic Rhino to the Rescue

Researchers push the concept of an undercover Rhino robot to protect the endangered species.


As an avid animal lover, I am hardly a fan of big game hunting. Any hunting, for that matter. But big game hunting is particularly egregious, especially when it involves poaching.

That's why I was particularly impressed with a new technology that's designed to deter poachers, specifically those trying to kill the African rhino. According to an article on, researchers have come up with  "Rakamera." an undercover robot that would mimic the behavior of a real rhino and meld in with herds in order to monitor security. Powering the robot would be hydrogen fuel cells, with movement controled by internal hydraulics and servomotors.

The robo-rhino would also be outfitted with infrared sensors and cameras that would help track the movement of the herd as well as issue alerts if there were any unwanted and potentially dangerous human activity.

I love the concept—it’s one of the best for protecting this endangered species. The article says that nearly 6,000 African rhinos have been killed illegally since 2008, primarily for their horns. I say go get `em, Rakamera.

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