SPS IPC Drives - November 2016

Dec. 13, 2016

Open-source, fully digital, bidirectional and safe.

BiSS goes Safety

Single Cable Technology
Trend in Drive Technology

Industrie 4.0
Encoders with OPC UA interface

Further Product news


Predestined for tightest installation spaces! Bearingless encoders

Sendix M58 Multiturn Encoder – combining compactness and standard installation

Sendix F58XXM Motor-Line – flattest multiturn encoders for the drive technology

Sendix 5873 Motor-Line encoder - the standard for gearless drives


Undeviating accuracy - new generation of inclinometers

Linear Measuring Technology

Perfect match - Length measuring kit – Limes Kit

Draw wire encoder D120 for outdoor applications

Functional Safety

The speed monitoring device - Kübler Safety-M compact safety modules SMC1, SMC2

Slip Rings

Slip Ring SR120 - ready for Industrial Ethernet

Slip ring SR250H - transmission of high current up to 80 A

Counters and Process Devices

Multifunctionale Devices with TouchDisplay – Type 57_T

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