Smart Brush, Sleek Hair

Leveraging on-board sensors and other electronics, Keratase Hair Coach takes a scientific approach to having a "good hair" day.


Manufacturers are frantically doubling down to recast their products as “smart.” While I get the desire to hop on the IoT bandwagon, there are a lot of products out there simply trying too hard, IMHO.

Here’s one for you: L’Oreal’s new smart hairbrush introduced at CES 2017. The Keratase Hair Coach, powered by French consumer electronics firm Withings, deploys sensors and signal analysis algorithms to evaluate hair health, including measuring the effects of daily hair care routines.

The brush, to retail somewhere in the neighborhood of $200, is also tricked out with a microphone (to listen to the brushing sounds in an attempt to uncover patterns); an accelerometer and gyroscope for identifying brushing patterns (and counting those all-important brush strokes); and  three-axis load cells (not sure what this is for), according to an article that appeared in Tech Times. Also onboard are conductivity sensors to check on the status of split ends, report back on how hard or soft brush strokes are, and to determine if hair is wet or dry.

All of this important data is transmitted back to a mobile app, where the user can track all the data and tap into hair tips and advice. Does your hair frizz up or fall flat on rainy days? No worries, the app measures temperature, humidity, and wind conditions so you can properly anticipate and prepare for the effect on your locks. There’s even a daily hair breakage score so you can keep tabs on the performance of your hair-care routines.

While I’m down with tracking my steps and maybe even counting every calorie consumed, is it really necessary to have that level of monitoring for daily brushstrokes? I guess many would welcome the opportunity, but I think this hair style-challenged girl will take a pass.

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