The Panic Ring

It might have bling, but this isn't your average ring.


So, this isn’t really “automation” as we know it, but I love this safety application. Nimb is a panic button concealed as a stylish ring and serves as a secret way to send your location to friends or emergency personnel when you are in trouble.

Think of it as an emergency stop (E-Stop) button for everyday life.

Here’s how it works: Press and hold a small button on the back of the ring for three seconds and a message with your location is sent to your pre-defined safety circles. Nimb tracks your location in real-time. An “alert card” has your name, photo, location, built-in chat and a map for response teams. It also has an audio recording function that automatically collects evidence from your smartphone once the panic button is pressed. Hit the button by mistake? Just enter your password into the mobile app to cancel the alert.

Nimb, the company, was co-founded by Kathy Roma who got the idea for a secret panic button after she was attacked in 2000 while walking down the street. The stranger cut her throat, stomach, and stabbed her three times in the heart. It happened just 200 feet from a police station.

With the ring, you don’t need to find your phone and have a conversation with the 911 operator. You just press the button and help is on the way.

Available in white or black, the ring costs $130.

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