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Say Goodbye to Weekend Yard Work

Tired of yard work? A new robot promises to autonomously shovel snow, mow lawns and collect leaves.


It's many the home owner's burden: Yard work, whether keeping up with lawn mowing in warm months or shoveling out after winter storms.

But not any more, if one New York-based startup has its way. The company recently introduced Kobi, a robot that autonomously shovels snow, collects leaves and cuts the grass, according to an article posted on

Before letting Kobi loose on the yard, however, there are a number of steps homeowners have to take to ensure it doesn’t take out a tree or gobble up your dog. As explained in the CNN piece, owners have to manually wheel Kobi around to give it the lay of the land, so to speak, so it can learn the perimeter of the yard (and not be inclined to wander off in the neighborhood) and be clear on the location of obstacles, such as trees, bushes or mailboxes.

Once that step has been taken, Kobi is ready to cut grass, rake leaves, or blow snow without any human supervision. As part of the set up, the homeowner installs two beacons in the yard, which using sensors and a camera, help Kobi navigate the terrain and steer clear of dangerous collisions with people or pets. Kobi must be periodically recharged prior to operation.

Kobi will be available this year for $3,999. (Perhaps priceless for those who never want to touch a snow blower, lawnmower or rake again.)


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